So, how does Macro Chef work? So glad you asked!

Our menu consists of several parts: the Breakfast menu, the lunch/dinner menu, a seasonal menu, keto/low carb menu, vegan menu and bulk menu.

Make sure to always check out our seasonal menu, as that's where we like to introduce new specials!

All orders placed by 12pm Saturday are available for Monday home delivery or drop off at pick up locations. All orders placed by 12pm Wednesday are available to be delivered to your house or designated pickup location on Friday.  Macro Chef Meal Plans and Catering also offers local home delivery in the following counties in Tennessee: Wilson, Sumner, Davidson, Rutherford and Williamson. 

Once you pick up your meals, they will last at least 5 days under proper refrigeration. In order to reheat, you can simply microwave them in their microwave safe container, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can reheat them on the stove-top or in the oven.

As you browse the menus, feel free to add items “ala carte.” There are no minimums, and definitely no maximums! This is not a subscription service, so you are free to pick however many meals you’d like. Pick a couple of each item, or, just load up on one or two of your favorites!